Shielding fees for non-ERC20 tokens

When i want to shield USDT,DAI,ETH, etc it shows a shielding fee. But for BNB, bTC,LTC, etc, there is no fee shown.

So do these ones have no shielding fee?

No, they don’t. Only chains with smart contract support have since they are transferred to another address from the deposit address via smart contract calls. For example, BNB (BEP2 / BNB Beacon Chain) hasn’t any shielding fee but BNB (BEP2 / BNB Smart Chain) has.

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Am i correct to assume that using the ‘Connect your ethereum wallet’ option instead of ‘generate shielding address’ will avoid that initial shielding fee by depositing straight to the contract?

I never used that option. It is the decentralized way of shielding. You execute the whole process with a wallet such as Metamask. So I think you cannot avoid the fee completely but you can adjust it as you wish.


Thank you @abduraman for answering the inquiry… :sunglasses:

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