Shielding address

what if u guys made an address available for more than one shield within the hour the address is available? I mean that has to be impacting your transaction speed and overall as a whole

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When you create a address to shield your coins, it’s temporarily linked to your account. If it were for more then one transaction, people would be able to gather data and assume that money sent to that address leads to your wallet. Security wise, it’s not practical.


good one however that means only one an hour or do I have to keep hitting shield to get a new address?

You can shield as many transactions as you want by hitting the shield button. However each time you do it, that particular address will only be active for 1 hour. You can have multiple shield address going at the same time.


I see the app have a new update about unshield button, now you can not confuse about shield and unshield anymore, just press send to the address you want and your coin automate unshield