Shielded Bitcoin insufficient amount

So I accidently sent an amount of Bitcoin that was too small to be processed and shielded. What will happen to it? Is it lost?

It will be processed when you send more BTC to that same shielding address.

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Darn it… I sent more to a different shielding address. The instructions said to only use the same shielding address once.

Thank you for your help.

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Seems it doesn’t matter really. That is how it used to work. Just found out it is not working like that anymore.

The screen states a minimum amount when it applies.
And yes, only use a shielding address once.

Okay. I sent more to the original shielding address. I’ll update here with what happens when all is said and done.

No. It is not working like that anymore. Don’t send anything.

Hi @meego Welcome to the incognito community! :partying_face:

As jamie stated in the past we manually added minimums together.
This has changed recently.

Unfortunately in this case, sending less than the minimum amount causes the transaction to not process and unfortunately the amount is considered lost.

Hi @Chucky, is there any reason for this minimum amout?

Hey @Stradimarius i have to confirm as to the exact reason, yet i believe it is due to transaction fees in place. Since amounts are not enough to cover transaction fees. There will be a higher fee than the amount transacted, so its just not sustainable.

Thanks @Chucky. It make sense. You need to set up the smartcontract.

Confirmed. The fee i mentioned above is the reason why the minimums are in place.

Hi Chucky and Jaime and Strad…I have a few questions…first of all was Meego sending out btc to an incognito addy or an out of the network addy?..and what did you mean by this…

Does this mean the btc they were trying to send is lost or do you mean that said transaction fails?

Be careful when you send small amounts. I’ve sent amounts near (but still a multiple above the minimum) and they do not get credited. I filled out form to get my balance credited to me like a dozen times but I get the point now. I still wish the app would properly display whatever minimum fee they want to use.

He was sending from an external BTC address to incognito. What i ment by that is that since the amount is less than the minimum the transaction fee to move the funds would be larger than the funds being transfered thus not sustainable.


Yeah, I know. I’m just warning people in general. For an example it says minimum eth is 0.009 ETH but the system does not automatically process less than approx 0.025. I’ve gotten bit by that so it’s best to shield amounts far larger than the minimum.

EDIT: Oops–I just noticed that wasn’t in reply to me but to another poster.

Hi Chucky…thank you for clarifying the issue for me… :sunglasses:

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So just to clarify what I’m understanding is that my money is lost? And also how does it go from .000023btc network fees to .00023btc mid transaction? Now my money is locked in an account in limbo on the block chain? This is the first time im having this issue with transactions…?

The minimum amount to get processed is 0.001 BTC.
Image from iOS (102) (1)

@Joshua_Marshall Please send a message to @Support and provide the following so they can advise further:
1/ The transaction hash of your transfer
2/ The screenshot of your btc shielding request

Stupid question but…by transaction hash you mean the address from where it came from?

And I’m a newbie level 0.5 and I had a transaction from the same address do tge same thing only I know I was sending more than .0001btc…
Oh and one more thing… how do I upload the screen shot?