Shield USDT (Ethereum)

Since the inception of unified coins went live, every time I try to send in usdt (tether) it comes in as usdt unified. I would like to provide usdt tether to the liquidation pool but in order to do this I have to swap unified for tether. Is there not a way to have usdt come into my wallet as tether? Seems unnecessary for one more step and a little bit of asset loss.

Hello @Roywood06, allow me to clarify your question, which feature did you want to provide USDT to? Provide or Earn’s liquidity pools?

Provide. I understand that you can add liquidity to the earn feature with either usdt tether or unified.

I’m sorry that’s incorrect. I am trying to add liquidity to earn. Specifically usdt tether and prv.

@Roywood06 See your problem, I think :slight_smile: The old forms of the unified tokens will be dead gradually. Currently, we are in transition period. When the last bit of an old token is converted to its unified counterpart in Incognito network, the old token will be completely dead :slight_smile: As you may see, you cannot shield to old tokens. So for those tokens, there is no input but just output. In sum, your problem is probably one of the effects this conversion process creates.

Btw, you mean USDT (Ethereum) by USDT (tether). USDT is already abbreviation of (USD Tether). To avoid confusion, I update the title.

Ok. Thanks for changing the title. So going forward does that mean the liquidity pools in Earn will use usdt unified instead of usdt ethereum as they currently are?

Exactly. Since shielding is disabled for old tokens, no more liquidity can be created for ETH, BSC, Polygon versions of the unified tokens.


Hey @Roywood06, please refer to the announcement here to see how the pools along with their rewards in the Earn tab are changing.
Thanks for helping address the confusion @abduraman :raised_hands:

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