Shared Node Hosting

To help those in the community who don’t have the finances (PRVs) to stake a vNode or are not sure how to set up the required software and manage the servers to run a vNode. Let’s talk about your options.

Understand that providers of such services are not affiliated with the incognito group and as such beware of potential scams.


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Here is a comparison of the different staking options as I understand them. Please (anyone) lmk if anything needs to be updated:

Jservers Shared Jservers Private Constant
Minimum Stake 175 PRV 1750 PRV 10 PRV
Share of rewards 97% 100% n/a
Guaranteed Return n/a n/a 50% APR
Fee Structure 3% of returns 6 PRV/wk none
Payout Period Weekly Default (1 epoch) 30 min
Auto re-stake Yes No Yes

I have been staking with Jservers and it’s working out very well.

For someone new to staking, the shared pool with Jservers is your best bet in comparison to Constant. You will make much more %APY per year.

I am not favoring one over the other but do you have numbers to back that up?

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Yes. So, let’s assume we’re talking about a return on 1750PRV (the staking amount for a vnode.)

Constant is currently at 50%APY.
Monthly return = 73PRV

vNode is currently at 120%APY.
Monthly return = 175PRV

(This data is based on an average of reports I have seen from people posting about their vNode earnings on Telegram, in private messages, and from my own return on my 6 vNodes.)

If you host your vNode with Jservers, you will pay a fee of 24PRV/month (~$12), which puts your APY at 106%, after fees.

So, Constant charges no fee to Stake, but the return is a significantly lower APY.

Google Cloud charges about $60/month to host a node.
Digital Ocean charges about $40/month



I tried myconstant and can say that their services are very good. Strongly recommended.

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