Shared data for multiple validators

Hey @Support,

I have multiple vNodes in the same machine. After some time, eventually, they (will) share common blockchain data. Is it possible that they can use the same data instead of its exclusive data synched by each one? If so, could you provide me with some guidance which can be easily followed? So I can save a lot of disk space as #validators increase.

I think you do a similar thing for your fullnodes. When I submit an OTA key into “one” of your fullnodes, your “three” fullnodes (lb, main, community) start to cache my transactions. So I think either your cache is common or those three use the same data.



This would be ideal. My servers are starting to get filled up. @Support can we please get some guidance on this? Node operators would really benefit from this functionality.

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Hey @abduraman, @Jared,

Let me clarify about the fullnode operating by the core team, we used to maintain 3 separate fullnodes (lb, main and community) in the past but we’re only now maintaining 2 fullnodes (, The latter is for backup and it also allows the community users to index their coins with the access token (0ec910a54ffbf2a0bdfc0c8b05e8b5445e51a2ae54f659a35ac7ad9980e4fd2c)

These two fullnodes are running on two separate servers, and 3 domains (lb, main, and community) are pointing to the same fullnode (a.k.a the former one) so that your code is not broken if you’re still using them. We don’t run 3 fullnode instances and share data as you said.


Thanks for the correction. Does this also mean that the multiple validators cannot share the data (as I wrote in the first paragraph)? Or when you are available, could you provide us with some guidance to share the data? @duc

@abduraman, nope, currently even our fixed nodes don’t share data although on each server, we’re running 4 nodes. Each node has still its own data now. Furthermore, I believe It’s not ideal for a network if a person can run a dozen of nodes on a single machine.


Hi @duc, related to what you mentioned above, should the beta-fullnode support indexing or am I misunderstanding something?

Currently, when I try to submit key using the AuthorizedSubmitKey go SDK function, and the access token above, I get the following error:

RPC returns an error: &{-13001 Full node cache error -13001: -13001: enhanced caching not supported by this node configuration

Any ideas on what might be wrong?


Ok please ignore the last question, the error was between the keyboard and chair… figured it out about 10m after I asked :smiley: :smiley:, sorry. All seems to work as expected.

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Glad to hear that, yes, the beta fullnode above supports indexing for community users who don’t use Incognito app but their own programs (bot, script, etc)