Share Your Stories - How Do You Know Incognito

Sharing is caring… I just wanna share, how do i know incognito.

Hopefully, it will be an consideration of marketing model for prv community, when each of us are sharing the stories here.

Honestly, i came into incognito because of official twitter of tomochain. On that time, i was interested of tomo coin.

They twitted about privacy of tomo. And linked it to incognito. On that time prv price was $0.25.

I get excited on that time. And my first impression was, app too slow. And i left it. And within couple months i come back to incognito. And wow, evertything is changing. Better and better - day by day.

And now, i am here become part of incognito community.

I like it…


I believe I originally heard about it on YouTube although I don’t remember which channel.

What really sold me is what I posted Here

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I found Incognito through Constant and was instantly hooked on the idea.