Shard Stall help please

I have tried the steps in

Step 5b - Remove Problematic Shard

I am not sure how to use
when I run the setup script?
Is this what I am doing wrong?

Hello @Nehor,

Is your node a pNode or vNode?

It is the Vnode you helped me set up a couple days ago. Thanks again for that.

Use this bootstrap script instead. Everything will be automated.

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Everything went good yesterday and it was syncing. Woke up this morning to
Shard 6 905560 5 hours ago (stalling)

Should I just run Bootstrap again or is there something else I should try?

When you bootstrapped shard 6 the block height should have been above this point. I can connect in and check for you if you’d like. Did you get a successful bootstrap?

Also, Make sure your Infura is setup and that you see requests on your Infura dashboard.