Sending USDT. What network to choose?

Sending USDT. What network to chose? My recipient does not have Incognito so O am assuming I should NOT choose that option? Correct me if I am wrong.

So that leaves Etherium, BSC or Polygon? Polygon has the cheapest fees. Etherium is $37 in gas fees, BSC is $0.53 and Polygon is $0.07. Will my recipient receive the USDT no matter what network I choose?

I am not an expert, however I am 99% certain you have to send to an address that supports the coin on the same network you choose. Not all exchanges or wallets support all coins on all networks.

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Hey @Namahs, you mean you were unshielding USDT and “going public” to a recipient?
If so, it depends on which network (Ethereum, BSC, or Polygon) the recipient like to receive the funds. For example, if he would like to receive the unshielding funds in Ethereum, then please select the Ethereum option, similarly for the others.

Yes, I would be unshielding and sending to a recipient outside of the incognito network. He uses trust wallet. The gas fees are much cheaper using the “polygon” option so I was wondering what the recipient needs to set up on his side to accept the transfer?

Please ask the recipient if they are able to accept USDC via the Polygon network.