Sending tokens from a centralized exchange

I’m trying to transfer/shield ETH from coinbase. I’ve done this before with BTC, but with ETH the app has this extra question: “How will you complete the transaction?” with three choices. The first is mine: “I will send tokens from centralized exchanges.”
BUT when I select that answer, the Next button is greyed as if to suggest that transferring ETH from exchanges is not supported ???
(Suppose I just choose “from my own wallet” and still send it from coinbase, wouldn’t that work?)


Hi @stoicturing. It does not matter from where you send ETH, as long as you send it to the right shielding address.

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Thanks Rocky, it worked.

@Rocky I have a similar question, with the transfer going from Binance to Incognito (USDC Coin) and it has been 24 hours since the transaction was sent, however, the attached screenshot shows that it is still waiting for gas fees. Does this mean i need to send Ethereum to my incognito address? i thought gas fees came from the initial fee when I first made the payment. Please help

I don’t see any attached screenshot.
But if you have any problem using the app, the best way to get help is to send a direct message to @Support, please remember to attach a screenshot