Sending Polygon MATIC to Another Wallet

I have a little bit of Polygon MATIC in incognito.

I am quite out of my depth using this app, tbh, and just want to see if I can get my c. 40 USD worth of coin out.

I get the ‘no trade routes’ error if I try to swap it for another coin, and I’m not clear as to whether my Polygon is in the Ethereum Network, which I gather is necessary in order to be able to send it out to Coinbase.

It’s obviously not a huge deal, but I’d like to be able to access my few bucks.

Can anyone give me a clear and concise answer as to whether I can access this easily and without spending even more to do it?

(It may also be that I’m not swapping right, but it seems like any amounts I put in for the swapping to and from fields gives me the same error)


Hello @Exunoplur,

Which Matic do you have in your wallet? ERC20 Matic or Polygon Matic. You can click Wallet > Tap MATIC > Tap the ? by the name and it will display the Origin or network.

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I believe there is no liquidity in incognito for MATIC on the Polygon network - thus why you cannot swap it. There is liquidity for MATIC on ERC20 (so you can swap it), however the the fees to unshield ERC20 coins (transfer out of incognito) are very high for small $ amounts of coins.

Also, for sending MATIC out of incognito (unshield), I believe Coinbase currently only supports it (MATIC) on the ERC20 network. It appears BinanceUS supports depositing MATIC on the ERC20, BEP20, and Polygon networks; and Kucoin supports MATIC deposits on ERC20 and Polygon networks.

(I have not sent MATIC out of incognito, so I could be missing something, but I believe what I wrote is all accurate).


Hi @Exunoplur, If you saw “no trade route” warning then I guess your MATIC might be in Polygon network’s MATIC. So you could send your MATIC to an address in Polygon network with very cheap unshielding fees. The address could be either your “personal” Polygon wallet address or your exchange’s wallet accepting Polygon MATIC.
By the way, in case you don’t know yet, we are working on a solution for the inconvenience (aka the “no trade route” for a token from a specific network), please check out the topic for more details.

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It’s Polygon MATIC.

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