Sending and receiving

How can I send btc from cashapp to my btc wallet on incognito?

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Are you still having trouble figuring this out? Right now the app is doing an update, so you might have to wait until tomorrow. I’ve been using it to do transfers from Cash app, it’s really easy.


This will have to wait until tomorrow, once the app update is finished.

You’ll need to follow the instructions for “Shield” in this tutorial. Hope that helps!


But when you transfer from Incognito to CashApp, wouldn’t your Incognito account now be “traceable” by the government, etc.? (I’m new to all this, by the way)

The address won’t be traceable because it uses a different one each time it unshields, but if you cash out with cash app that’s what cash app reports to the irs with the 1099 form they send. I’m not sure how the reporting works after that exactly, like if you manage to cash out at the same price you received it… Maybe someone else can weigh in on what the tax letters coinbase and cash app look like.

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Wow, thanks! Another question: If not CashApp, are you familiar with BitPay?