“Send request RPC failed”


I work with sdk-v2 since API endpoint change i get errors constantly.

  1. The new endpoint (https://fullnode.incognito.org) produces

    “Send request RPC failed”

    error when i try transfer or get balance.
    Screenshot from 2020-09-09 20-46-31

  2. Inccry’s endpoint (https://fullnode.incognito.best) works well when i get balance but if i would like to transfer i get the following error.
    Screenshot from 2020-09-09 17-57-35
    This error was similar in the application.

Someone has an idea what could i do with sdk-v2?

Hi @Bruno, could you please try again with this one https://community-fullnode.incognito.org/?

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The same :confused:

Hi @Bruno, this is the result of missing the hotfix for privacy on the current version SDKv2. We will update this one at the end of this month and keep you posted.

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Thank you!