Selling a pNode if you would like to buy [Now Sold]


For sale: one pNode which is based in the UK.

I have had this one running for a month and it has not been staked.

Please send me a private message and we can discuss what options we can use to make the transfer.

Best regards,

What do you mean it has not been staked? pNodes are automatically staked with funded stake on install. Do you mean it has not been selected to earn?

Ah, no I did not mean that. It has not been staked with a full stake.

Yeah well that makes no sense. Unless something went wrong at setup and automatic staking with funded stake didn’t happen. In that case “running it for a month” is a bit confusing as nodes that are not staked are not part of the network.

I think he means he didn’t stake it himself.

I think he just want to Sell a Funded Node , If anyone is interested in buying it can text him!

He pointed out that he didn t put 1750PRV on his node.

“I think” is just not a good start when buying/selling something. People should have a clear understanding of what they are buying.

If Brexit didn’t happen, I might have been interested.

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Right, you are there @Jamie and then well as to the whole Brexit thing…well they voted for it sooooooo… :sunglasses:

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Hi @jbc
Awaiting more clarifications as to the status of the PNODE

Did you get it funded or not?

If all’s ok, I’m interested! :slight_smile:


It has now been sold and safely transferred to it’s new owner.



Congrats on the sale… :sunglasses: