Secret-Incognito bridge

Hey all,

Secret released its XMR bridge a few days ago. With this bridge, in fact, Secret and Incognito have become bridged over XMR. Because of their mechanism, Secret ETH and BSC bridges do not allow this. Currently, any part of the flow below is possible.

XMR in any exchange or wallet <-> XMR in Secret <-> XMR in Incognito <-> XMR in any exchange or wallet



Are you saying that if I have pXMR I can transfer it to a sXMR wallet and vice versa?

Yes. You will get the deposit XMR address from Incognito/Secret and send pXMR/sXMR to the other side.

As a note, the deposit to Secret is a little bit difficult. It requires two steps. First, get the address and then enter tx id and key to the Secret bridge.


Thank you for answering for me. Does this mean that Secret Network and Incognito wrap tokens the same way? Like if I alread have tokens converted to sXMR do I send it as if it’s an in-network Incognito transfer or do I send it to the “shield” address?

No, I just pointed out that the conversion between them is easy. The procedure runs internally as below:

sXMR <-> XMR <-> pXMR


Ok, thank you for clarifying. I view all of your posts and you definitely know your stuff. Thanks for contributing to this.