RPC Calls that became obsolete after launch of pdexv3?

Hello @daniel @Support
The following RPC call “extractpdeinstsfrombeaconblock” is a pdexv2 RPC call which is now obsolete. Is there a new rpc call that can be used in its place?
Can anyone guide me on which pdexv3 RPC call can be used as a substitute for “extractpdeinstsfrombeaconblock”

I found a list of pdexv3 RPC calls here- https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/14057699/Tzm8EvGf#7f62f870-b96d-4079-961c-eea64c160688
However, on exploring the above-mentioned link I wasn’t able to find any RPC call related to beacon blocks?

Right now I have two links where I was able to find list of RPC calls along with their example request
Link 1- https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/388064/TVewZ4Ks
Link 2 (contains pdexv3 rpc calls) - https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/14057699/Tzm8EvGf#7f62f870-b96d-4079-961c-eea64c160688
Are there more documentations/Links where I can find a list of RPC calls?

It would be of great help if the team or any forum member can guide me if the below mentioned RPC calls are still relevant/functional after the launch or pdexv3

  • getblockchaininfo
  • retrievebeaconblockbyheight
  • gettransactionbyhash
  • getpdestate
  • getcommitteestate
  • gettransactionbyreceiverv2
    or have Rpc calls like getpdestate and gettransactionbyreceiverv2 become obsolete? and have been replaced by new ones?
    For Example: is getpdestate replaced with “pdexv3_getState” ?

@sid @Gaurav_Saini

Only these RPCs will not work when pdexv3 release


  1. Other RPCs will work normally such as getblockchaininfo, retrievebeaconblockbyheight

  2. RPC getpdestate not actually be replaced by pdexv3_getState. These RPCs are different version getpdestate for version 2 and pdexv3_getState for version 3. pdex version 2 will work parallel with pdex version 3 so getpdestate will also work

  3. extractpdeinstsfrombeaconblock this RPC currently work on pdexv2, so we will consider to make extractpdeinstsfrombeaconblock for pdexv3


Thank you for the detailed info.
Do you have more RPC/API documentation? apart from the two mentioned below
If yes can you please provide me with the link for the same?

RPC Documentation 1- https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/388064/TVewZ4Ks
RPC Documentation 2 (contains pdexv3 rpc calls) - https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/14057699/Tzm8EvGf#7f62f870-b96d-4079-961c-eea64c160688

@sid @Gaurav_Saini @Support

RPC Documentation 1- https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/388064/TVewZ4Ks
This is general RPC you can use it for any version
RPC Documentation 2 (contains pdexv3 rpc calls) - https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/14057699/Tzm8EvGf#7f62f870-b96d-4079-961c-eea64c160688
This is document only for pdexv3
And also this is the latest document we have now. Is there any RPC you need for more information?


I needed clarity on the parameters used in some RPC calls
Can you name/define the parameters we are using for the below-mentioned RPC calls, as I couldn’t find them in the documentation?

  • getallviewdetail, uses one parameter, is the parameter shard id?
  • retrievebeaconblock, uses two parameters, are the parameters hash and shard id?
  • retrievebeaconblockbyheight, uses two parameters, are the parameters height & shard id?

Also, I found two RPC calls related to privacycustomtokens

  1. listprivacycustomtoken
  2. listprivacycustomtokenbyshard

The “listprivacycustomtoken” RPC doesn’t work on the mainnet ie couldn’t post it on mainnet
The listprivacycustomtokenbyshard- works on mainnet
Which one is the updated RPC Call ? Are they both functional/working?

  • listprivacycustomtokenbyshard uses one parameters, is the paramerter shard id?
  • privacycustomtoken RPC uses one parameter, is the parameter token id?
  • getlistprivacycustomtokenbalance uses one paramerter? can you name the parameter used by it?

Also are there any RPC Calls for pulling data like Prv price, Marketcap, Total supply, max supply, etc?
Or is this data being pulled from Coinmarketcap API?
I see this data on your explorer - https://explorer.incognito.org/
Just wanted to understand if its being pulled using an RPC or API’s ?
@sid @Gaurav_Dev @Support

hi @anirudh.chauhan, you can call these apis to get PRV and other tokens price.

all tokens:

specific token:

curl --request POST
–url https://api-coinservice.incognito.org/coins/tokeninfo
–header ‘Accept-Encoding: gzip’
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’
–data ‘{


  • These price are on-chain price based on on-chain pool’s data.
  • Only verified tokens will get their price calculated.

Thank you so much

Hello. What are the parameters of this new RPC?


Found it: https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/14057699/Tzm8EvGf#53f2b0bc-9318-4fae-8e7a-17904415131f

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