Rewards per Virtual Node

Hey, I’m new around here and interested in supporting the project.

Wanted to ask what is the ,currently, roughly expected rewards per day for a virtual node

Thank you


Hi, it is hard to give an exact number on this. However, you can refer to these posts. They are very helpful:
1/ Node Earnings Statistics - Weekly Update 6/6/20
2/ Incognito Nodes & PRV Staking: A community comparison


Thanks for the quick reply
I’m trying to compare to where could more be made,
By creating a node, or by providing liquidity with the liquidity program v2

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Nodes on Incognito Chain do not earn on a daily basis. Nodes are randomly selected to earn. There are a lot of variables that come into play when discussing “average earnings”.

To start – Aaron posted about the committee validation process including selection and validation.

Next – @Jamie has a great post with some of the math describing the probability of any given node being randomly selected to committee.

Finally – @Mike_Despo has a detailed post with statistics about the 8 Node Virtual validators he is running.


Great thanks

This is a helpful place to start exploring the project as well! :smiley:

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