Reversed Unshield Transaction

I unshielded BTC directly to an exchange (CashApp), and they are trying to force me to reverse the transaction and send the BTC back to the address it came from.

Their support team has been completely unresponsive for almost 3 weeks with my plea to release the funds, and they continue to say “our crypto team will email you eventually,” yet nothing happens. The only option available to me is to reverse the transaction.

Is this possible with Incognito?

Is there something I can do to receive these funds from a reversed unshield transaction?

I’m curious as to why they are making you reverse the transaction. Did they specify why?

Send a PM directly to @ support and ask them for assistance. I’m not 100% sure but they should be able to help.


This is not possible without manual intervention. This is another data point that incognito’s addresses are flagged as high risk by chain analysis software.

This is always going to be a problem. May I suggest moving all the funds to a new address on a periodic basis? Do you have any other idea to combat this? @duc