[RESUMED] In-app trade paused for 24 hours

Hi all users :wave:,

Latest update: The trade is now working fine again! Thank you for your patience!

We have just discovered a bug in the Trade feature that could cause transactions to partly fail. This is limited to the app only, and does not affect the general integrity of the pDEX.

We are working on the fix now, but to ensure app users do not encounter failed trades, we will be pausing the Trade feature in the app for 24 hours.

You will of course still be able to trade via RPC, or via older versions of the app. Android users can get previous APKs via our Github.

Thanks for your patience! Trade will be back soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Trade does not show up

Hey @Jan_Sokolovits, please take a look at this announcement.

Ok thanks.

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@annie @Ducky
Is there a tutorial to use RPC and to trade with it?



How can I fix this?

hey @Yonatan, we paused trade tab for 24 hours to fix a bug, you can’t access to Trade tab now.

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Hi Tranbr, unfortunately we don’t have it in hands right now. Maybe we could create one later? cc @Peter @Jamie @Chucky?


Even if it’s not fully detailled.