(Responded) to same incognito address

Hello i tried to send some Bitcoin to another ingognito wallet from the ingognito app but it failed reason been when I was trying to buy the PRV I did the human capcha then after I saw a red writing came up saying … You can only request maximum 2 times per address… So I wanted to Kno how I can move forward to send an buy the PRV so I can get my Bitcoin to the ingognito wallet? Hrrs a pic

You can use another wallet or create another wallet and request more PRV from the faucet.

I don’t think your understanding me sir I have another wallet but the funds are in the one I want to send it from Ineed to change the incognito address for me to buy the PRV

You can request some PRV on another wallet and send the PRV to the wallet where your funds are stored at.

This is what I’m seeing in red writing after I do the human capcha to buy the PRV…You can only request maximum 2 times per address

It appears your screenshot is not uploading. Please send me the screenshot on Telegram to @lukemax.

Ok I jus did