Resources for Building a Bridge

Hey there, looking to gather and organize resources and references for building a bridge with other networks. Hoping to work on one soon but have only found this link ([Shipped] Incognito's trustless bridge V3 with Ethereum bond contract) as the most updated resource. Any GitHub repository or documentation (e.g., that is helpful for interested builders?

I can update this post with a collection of resources as they are discovered–both for other developers and for my sake :wink:

As always, any help is appreciated. Thank you!


I’ve been looking for any resources related to this too.


This is a really interesting post, there are a few types of bridge that Incognito is having (or working on)

  1. Trusted bridge for unsupported smart contract networks like Bitcoin, Binance, …
  2. Ethereum bridge - trustless bridge for ETH/ERC20
  3. Trustless bridge for all other blockchains with trustless custodianship approach (prv as collateral and eth/erc20 as collaterall). This one is still in progress.

Interoperability is a very important component in Incognito. We’re trying to figure out many ways to make it better (and more secure) so it’s glad to see there also are somebody from the community spending effort on it, thanks!


Quick question. I’m sorry if this has been answered before, but I want to get an accurate and definitive answer.

Does Incognito support smart contracts or anything similar?

Does incognito have a virtual machine framework? IVM?

If so, where can I find the documentation? I’ve scoured the github, and the SDK, but the documentation in both is very sparse and incomplete.


hi @cusdt.eth, Incognito has neither smart contract nor virtual machine. All features like bridge, pdex, … were implemented in an on-chain manner.


Thanks for the information. Is there any detailed documentation on how this was implemented? Or would you mind pointing me to the exact repo on a GitHub so I can study it myself? The documentation there is kind of lacking.


Here is documentation for what pdex is and how it works.
For the source code you may look into it on Incognito chain repo (production branch). Especially 2 files (beaconpdeproducer.go and beaconpdeprocess.go). Let me know if you have any further question.


Thank you!

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Thank you, @duc! Much appreciated!