[Resolved] when will you release the apk that replaces 4.5.0? I'm stuck!

I have apk version 4.5.0, doesn’t work anymore because there is an update. I go to github looking for the release, and find the latest version there is… 4.5.0!
Kudos to the devs, first, they decided to do a major upgrade WITHOUT telling a single soul, no chance to move the funds, nothing. Now they release an update that locks the app if not updated and forget to release the apk!! wow, you’re a show. I’m eager to discover your tomorrow’s surprises.

Also, do you know what is REALLY useful when you release a new version? don’t let the people recover their keys, freeze the app completely so I can’t use a phone to move my funds while you decide if you’ll release the apk in github this week or the next one. Good work!

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Hey @Bat_Woman, this is APK file for the new release.
Thanks for pointing it out @Jared

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This is our fault when not releasing APK in time.
But the point here is you could always move funds out of Incognito before maintenance date, we informed about it a couple of days prior to pausing the BTC shielding & unshielding features.. A bulletin on the app was pushed out at that time as well.
Also, it’s usually a best practice to update a new release from app stores, downloading an APK file is just optional.

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The incognito app is prompting to upgrade, and force redirects to the Google app store.
But there is no update present.

So i cannot use my incognito wallets at the moment.

When will the update be available via play store?
Or do we have to use the APK manually from GitHub?

Hello @ninjit,

Personally I was able to get my update already via the Google Play Store.

There’s a few things you can do to try to make sure you can update. I know it’s going to sound redundant but first try restarting your phone. Make sure you’re on a WiFi connection. At this point if the play store is still not offering you an update for Incognito please do the following steps:

1.) Go to phone settings
2.) Apps
3.) Find “Google Play Store”
4.) Click "Storage & Cache
5.) Click “Clear Cache” button
6.) Reopen the Google Play Store. Recheck for an available update by searching Incognito in the search bar.

If you are still not able to update after all of this please let me know and we can find you a solution after that, however, I have a feeling the above methods should work.


It looks like the play store auto refreshed and updated the app overnight, so i now have the current version.

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