(Resolved) Power just spins

All of nodes in power never resolve to their status, it just spins and spins

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Sorry for the inconvenience, the devs have already been notified about this outage. Please reference the Node Monitor website in the meantime (monitor.incognito.org).

My Power tab be like:


:rofl: Oh gosh. Your use of emojis gets me every time @Mike_Wagner. :star_struck:

The devs are actively looking into this. It appears to be a client-side storage issue in the app.

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I live to serve. :smiley:


@Josh_Hamon & @Mike_Wagner,

Please go into settings and click Clear History - Remove locally stored data. This should be a temporary fix to this issue, it fixed this for me. We will update when we have more information.

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An update as promised. A server that is used to generate in-app node information (via the Power dashboard) experienced a connection issue when performing routine API calls. This caused some users to see spinning circles / constant loading. The developer team will continue to monitor this server for any possible connection issues.

This issue has now been resolved. Node earnings were not affected by this. Nodes continued to earn during this API issue.


Hey fellas it’s been over 24 hrs and still not earning prvs from my other coins?
How much longer bot start earning interest again?

Thanks for your hard work! :smiley:

Hello @Heart8reak,

Please send a message to @Support so we can better help you and prevent derailing a different conversation.

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