(Resolved) PNode operation

My pNode has been put back on line and appears to be working. However, the withdrawal of rewards button seems to be stuck. Can anyone help me please?image

I have been having this issue with some of mine as well.

@Faux @SynthiaNominae
Sorry for this issue. The devs are aware and we will update everyone soon for those who have this issue


Thanks for your response

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Hi @Faux @SynthiaNominae Can you give me your QRCode.

Do you still need my QR code?

Yes @Faux please provide us with it. Was your issue resolved?

No it’s still stuck in withdrawing all rewards.MNUI-JHBO

Same here I had like 70prv stuck withdrawing then got slashed and the coin has never showed up in assets.

Is yours still showing as withdrawing @PR_Armstrong?

It’s not, it was stuck like that for 3-4 days before going back to normal yet my rewards disappeared and my pnode is now slashed.

@PR_Armstrong, That sounds like normal behavior. If your node does not perform as it is supposed to it will be slashed and your rewards will be distributed to the other nodes in committee.

On the Node Monitor (monitor.incognito.org) check the vote of your node for previous epochs. There you will see some less than 50.

If your node was staked with funded stake by Incognito read over the following to have it re-staked.

Hopefully mines fix itself soonScreenshot_20211105-041029 Screenshot_20211105-041047

@Faux here. Still the same situation. Stuck withdrawing all rewards.

Still stuck.


Sorry about the delay. Looks like this was resolved. Please confirm.

My PNODE still says it needs to be staked can’t believe after 3 years it’s now been a paperweight for well over a month

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Hello @nate44432,

Have you looked over the guides provided for node operators?