(Resolved) Pmode offline inside committee

My pnode is offline inside a committee. Is there any way to troubleshoot pnode while away from home

Not really, and there is an existing thread about this. Check the forum, many of us have had pNode’s go offline in the last couple of days for no reason.

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Sheesh my pnode jus came back online by itself but didn’t earn enough votes now it jus got slashed… Does that mean it’s an issue with the incognito network? How do i find the thread that u are speaking of?

Thanks bro appreciate the info… Hopefully we can get this issue resolved soon

Just wanted to comment here that a solution has been found:

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wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/incognitochain/incognito-chain/blink_patch/bin/pnode_updater_patch1.sh && sudo bash pnode_updater_patch1.sh

Do I copy and paste the command just like this

Including the wget

Yes that is correct, including the wget.

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Thank you

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