(Resolved) no earnings from liquidity pools or provide

something stuck? looks like my LP earnings and provide earnings stopped…

Have you tried Clear Balance Cached in settings?

Yes, doesn’t look like I’m getting any rewards from LP / Provide - Provide is getting a TINY fraction of what it should be, LP doesn’t appear to be getting anything at all.

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Okay, I’ve relayed this to the devs. Let’s wait for their reply.

Could you show us your contribution tx hash?

I have $2300+ in 30+ Liquidity Pools… but for most of the day I was getting zero earnings (which normally there is something trickling in all the time). It started back up a couple of hours ago, but still seems slower than normal (unless trading volume is way lower than usual). Not sure what TX hash you’d want - I’ve made hundreds of contributions. I’m off to bed now, but will see how things are in the morning.

I don’t think it would be related, but just in case - I have had an ETH withdrawal from provide stuck in Pending for 26 hours. I know it can take longer than that, but all of my withdrawals in the last few weeks have been very fast (usually within about 30 minutes), so this is an outlier.

We need to know your contributed pools to check if fees of trading txs is ok or if theses pool don’t have enough trading tx. But sure let wait a while for you to check it again :smile:

It looks like there are some earnings coming in, just seems low still. Do you mean that you want to see the entire list of pools I’m in - I can take screenshots of the list. Is it OK to send it via private message?

I have no idea what the trading volume on incognito is today compared to other days, maybe it is lower and thus lower earnings expected?

Yes please send any screenshots to @Support and I can make sure the correct dev sees them.

The last 24-hour trading volume is down by 33%. You can see the number at explorer.incognito.org

There definitely was an issue when I originally posted this - there were no earnings at all for 6-8+ hours. After that earnings were coming in very slowly (low amounts), but I guess it’s possible it was just really low trade volume (explorer showed -50% when I looked after I saw Jared’s response). It definitely still felt off, but who knows.

Thank you for your responses to this.

Also, the price of everything being down doesn’t help either…

I think everything is back to “normal” now…