(Resolved) How to add a coin manually to the wallet?

Hi community,
I try to add a coin manually, the operation is going well, but the coins do not appear in the wallet. An idea ?

What network is the coin from?

Have you checked the shield TX to see if it has been processed yet?

Hi Jared, the coins come from BSC ,
Shield TX no checked, can you explain me how to do it please?

The token should automatically show up in your wallet balance to where you shielded it to.

Please click More > Settings > Clear Balance Cached as it might be a display issue since this coin was just added.

I can’t shield this token , because I can’t add it, it doesn’t exist in wallet and add it manually does not show the token in the wallet

After adding did you clear the cached balance?

Yes I have Clear the cached balance

hi @CryptodroiD in the Wallet tab, press the icon Plus on the top right, after that, scroll to the end off screen and tick “Show unverified coins”, you can search your coins with name LBLOCK and KAVA

This is bad behavior, we will update on next version

Thank you for your patience


Great I’ve been looking for weeks, Thank you very much for your help and your responsiveness.