(Resolved) Discord Verification Bot

OK, so I declined to allow the Captcha.Bot to read the entire Discord profile info on me, ie name or number of Discord servers I’m a member of. Yes, thats too much info.

I also previously declined same request asked by another Discord server (a wallet for a privacy service) using a different captcha bot, but same permissions requested.

Come on guys, Incognito should NOT be using any service affecting the privacy of its users. Asking for the names, or the number/amount of Discord servers used is actually requesting TOO MUCH INFO.

Hello @CryptoWizard,

We are trying to find a balance between preventing spam & protecting our users while also not being invasive.

Do you have any suggestions for verification bots that do not require much info from users?

Since posting on the Incognito forum, I’ve had another Discord verification bot also asking me for same info. Declined again.

However the Sienna Network has a VERY low key verification… perfect…

Uploaded a screenshot of the verification post…
Merely responding to the post by choosing one of the emojis.

Another Forum I added myself to today asked me for the usual maths solution, but if I remember, that was Telegram.

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Hi @CryptoWizard, we have updated the bot. Now users can simply verify by reacting with an emoji. Thanks for your feedback!


Wow, I’m 100% impressed with the responses, inc yours, in this thread.
Appreciate it…