(Resolved) Cannot withdraw my ETH

I requested the withdrawal of some ETH from Provide more than 5 days ago. It is still pending. It’s never taken this long before.

Can anyone provide any pointers? @Support


Provide withdrawals now take 5 - 7 days to process. This has been updated in the app.

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Thanks @Jared! Helpful as always :grinning: :+1:

It’s been more than 7 days now and I still haven’t received it. Any idea why?


Please send me your TxID in a private message and I can look into it to see what’s going on.

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Received it! Took slightly more than 8 days in total.

This may be documented somewhere… what is the actual reason for the delay? Isn’t the process automated?

Whenever funds are added to provide the team decides where best to allocate the funds (hence the centralized aspect of Provide). The funds are either added to liquidity pools or used to spin up nodes.

When nodes are spun up (vNodes) they are used to generate the APY% indicated for your coin you have provided and to help benefit the network. These nodes are un-staked at random and therefore can sometimes take longer to withdraw. Whenever a large amount is requested back from provide multiple nodes might have to be un-staked. The system will go through un-staking nodes and wait until the total amount of your provision is ready for return.

Usually, there is a small pool of funds available so smaller withdraws usually have a much shorter wait period.

Right now there is the added issue that some funds are in the pDEX v3 pools and the system needs to migrate them back to pDEX v2 pools before they can be withdrawn. This specific issue will be fixed with pDEX v3 release in less than a week.


Understood. Thanks for the detailed explanation @Jared!

In my case I am trying to withdraw DAI since the 10th of March, hopefully it doesn’t take a month.

Hello @freedom45,

Please send a message to @Support and provide us a screenshot so we can look into this for you. It should not take longer than 10 days.