[Rescheduled] MyConstant AMA - MCT Token

MyConstant AMA

Incognito will be hosting an AMA (ask me anything) with MyConstant regarding their new token MCT and integration with Incognito.

The AMA will take place via Incognito’s Telegram on 2/17/2022 @ Thursday, February 17, 2022 3:00 PM

6000 MCT will be available to users who:

  • 1,000 MCT for the Top 1 member who asked the most questions.
  • 500 MCT for the Top 4 members with the most questions.
  • 3,000 MCT left for all others having at least one question proportionally

If you have not already joined Incognito’s Telegram, do so before the event by following this link:

To participate in the AMA and receive airdrop MCT tokens sign-up with this link:


Just curious as to how My Constant and Incognito plan to co-exist, don’t they require KYC on everything? Just seems odd talking about KYC and a privacy based product in the same sentence…

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Hi @geo,

This is a great question for the AMA. :smile:

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The AMA has been rescheduled for 2022-03-05T15:00:00Z.

Be sure to join with your questions at rove.to/myconstant