Rescan Coins with limited RAM (2GB)

Hi gens,
i was away for 1yr and decided to start from scratch to reflect any software updates. After importing my old seed, hit Settings -> Rescan Coins. The wallet starts downloading and scanning. This is done in RAM.

To avoid the inevitable crash when RAM use is 100% there is a simple workaround:

o monitor RAM usage (i.e. free -h on Linux, 930Mi free in my case)
o reload when you have stille 300MB left
o log into wallet
o Rescan resumes where it left off, RAM freed.
o repeat

The progress display may be missing but network and RAM usage show that the sync is going on in the background.
When free RAM increases (purging) and stays roughly constant resync is done.

On Brave the JS engine is extremely stable. Even when no free mem, brave stops the unresponsive script, thereby freeing RAM. No crash. (takes time though)

Nice to be back.

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Hello @col.parniq,

It’s great to have you back! :raised_hands:

Alternatively you can use to restore your wallet via the browser and use if you’d like to create a new wallet.

We hope these this new method is easier on new users as it doesn’t require an extension to be installed and doesn’t have the RAM issue you experienced.

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Hi Jared,

I always felt this is a great and ambitious project - and badly needed in times where RPCs get blocked and Wallets spy on you or want to lure you into KYC (ledger).

I actually used the new web wallet.

Also realized that my point is degen… I run a minimal linux in ram, no swap file, no system demons to monitor RAM usage. So my experience represents a degen hacker POV.

Greets to all of you!