Request: "Select Coins" Sorted by Liquidity

Any chance we could have the list of coins (on the “Select coins” screens) sorted by available liquidity (in $ amount, not # of coins)?

There are so many in that list that have no liquidity at all (in incognito) listed before coins that do.

I wouldn’t sort the list every time - sort it once per week or whatever frequency you feel makes sense… At the very least, please re-sort it once now (GUSD is listed before USDT UNIFIED?!)

Also, Please remove the blinding white screen that flashes for a brief moment each time I open the app.

Thank you!


Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve passed it along to the app dev team.

Ah, I will also mention this as well. I know what you’re talking about. :camera_flash: :flashlight: :see_no_evil: