Request: "Select Coins" Sorted by Liquidity

Any chance we could have the list of coins (on the “Select coins” screens) sorted by available liquidity (in $ amount, not # of coins)?

There are so many in that list that have no liquidity at all (in incognito) listed before coins that do.

I wouldn’t sort the list every time - sort it once per week or whatever frequency you feel makes sense… At the very least, please re-sort it once now (GUSD is listed before USDT UNIFIED?!)

Also, Please remove the blinding white screen that flashes for a brief moment each time I open the app.

Thank you!


Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve passed it along to the app dev team.

Ah, I will also mention this as well. I know what you’re talking about. :camera_flash: :flashlight: :see_no_evil:


Any word on this? Still makes a lot of sense to me - when selecting coins, sort by available liquidity. There have been people complaining about high slippage on Telegram recently and it sounds like they were trading with low liquidity pairs - including using ETH (ETH) instead of ETH (unified). I think if the coins were sorted by available liquidity it would help with this problem!


Hi @yoo, thank you so much.
Your feedback is really great. Our team will sort select tokens more rationally and more conveniently.
Besides, to mitigate high slippage with low liquidity pairs, the app will show a warning if the price impact is high (e.g. greater than 10%).

We will improve this issue in the next release.
If there is any other feedback, feel free to contact us. Thank you again.


Why adding warnings instead directly delist not unified pools to just directly find the right coin instead of all his non-unified format that mostly not exchangables ?
Or doing both, add the warning and delist not unified pools.

Hello @hiennguyen,

Any updates on the coin sorting feature request? I know as a heavy ‘Swap’ user I would appreciate the coins I select under Trade > Swap to sort by either liquidity on the Incognito platform, my most recent trades, or based-off my (:star:)favorites within the app.

Thank you!