Rented staking

Hello! Tried to send an email to the team about this, but I received a response telling me to reach out here instead. So! I have 2 pNodes that are currently sitting in my closet, unstaked. I had originally unstaked them from being privately staked to fund the purchase of more pNodes with plans to put them back on private staking later. However, while writing out detailed instructions for my next of kin in case something happens to me, I noticed the option to “rent” staking. Is this an option to put my inactive pNodes back on the public staking pool? If so, how can I get them back up and running?

As far as I know, that is still possible. It does take some time. Contact Support here by sending a personal message to the Support account. You find the message system by hitting your account name in the avatar menu.


@Jamie is correct. They will need a hard reset, but @Peter has handled this for me in the past.


Thank you guys! I just sent them a message. Cross your fingers for me!