Removing liquidity error.


All I did was tap “max” then remove and it kept happening. First time this has happened for me.
Intent is to move it over to PRV/USDT.

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So, the only one out of that list that would apply to me removing liquidity would be, “try again”. I’ve tried a few times over the span of three days now with the immediate error code saying it “hit a snag”. It happened immediately, there was no loading/pending and then an error, it was immediate.
Seems like I am supposed to just keep trying, but for how long? Three (plus) days is a long time to have “hit a snag” withdrawal issue?

The error code said there was an issue with the “trade”, since I am trying to withdraw liquidity it is not a “trade”, right? Maybe that’s where the issue is, the system getting the two confused?

It is the fee, you have no PRV to pay for the fee.

Oh my gosh :man_facepalming: that needs to be subtracted from the liquidity. When I hit max and remove it should pop up and say you want to withdraw “x” with the fee subtracted from the total, for ease of use for the consumer.

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Hey @Jerry_Watson,
it’s very good feedback. We are going to work out the functionality to make sure that the fee excludes from the MAX. Adding this to the development backlog :muscle:

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But only when needed. In case there is any PRV present in your pDEX account already, there is no need to adjust the numbers.


I would like to make the text of the errorcode list more clear if needed.

The confusion trade/liquidity removal with the on screen errormessage is obvious. The explanation of errorcode 61 is present in the list. Which part of that text needs more clarifaction?

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