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Where I can find the latest API’s to get my node data?

I am currently working on cleaning these up. If there are any parts you need clarification on please let me know.

We are in the process of moving them over to GitHub Pages as well to make it where users can suggest edits / clarifications.

Ok i am waiting for your update please let me know ASAP.

Please use for now.

@sid @anirudh.chauhan For Reference

“key2”: “112t8rnX6USJnBzswUeuuanesuEEUGsxE8Pj3kkxkqvGRedUUPyocmtsqETX2WMBSvfBCwwsmMpxonhfQm2N5wy3SrNk11eYxEyDtwuGxw2E”,
“key1”: “112t8rnb3E5Q1nrhc9rEgzL4zA85D94h55HcDV16G6bYwPozdGdbuj8T3f43tnQhwDCpyBqCWMdGteAV9mUx6sLQm6NXo7LWWPA2GbeE5Fbf”

In getbalancebyprivatekey api we are using “Key1” and “key2” parameters.

Which keys do I need to add to it?

As a check this API in postman it gives the same response either I used them or not.

you can remove key2 key1, it just for testing
the official RPC show here


1 more thing, since we released privacy v2, you can call this RPC after submit OTA key of the account, more detail here Full-nodes' Cache - A Faster Way to Retrieve Users' Output Coins