Register for the AMA session here!

It’s official!

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The first Zoom Webinar “AMA & Update Sesh” is a go. Starring @me, @andrey, @you, and many others, this one-hour privacy-palooza is going to knock your socks off.

What are you waiting for? You’re most likely stuck at home anyway, so go ahead and get registered at this here link:

The webinar starts at 5:00pm GMT+7, and will include a sizable space for your questions, comments, and conversation after a few updates.

Once you’re registered, feel free to share the link with your friends, family, and pets. Let’s kick off the first of our webinars with the whole community, together, while social distancing.

See you there!


Hey guys!
It’s a good chance to talk about everything you were thinking but didn’t ask publicly yet.

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Do we need video and sound, or will it work with just sound as well?

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Sound is good too

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Great! Not sure I have something to add, but I will try to be there.

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Will a replay be made available, 3am my time is a little early :sweat_smile:

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Yes, but only for you. No one else gets to see it.
Jk, but yes!

It’s tough to have a time zone work for everyone, but next time we’ll do one in a US time zone more convenient for most people here.

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Reminder: The webinar is in less than 3 hours!
If you have questions, post them here. Alternatively, you can comment them during the webinar, though we’ll get to those as time permits.

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Thanks guys for the AMA, it was really great!

(and sorry for the tainted coins question :wink: )


Haha not a problem, it was a great question once I understood it. Thanks for being there and asking great questions!

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