Reduced Support [Dec 8-9 / Jan 1-4]

During December 8-9 and January 1-4, I will be traveling for the holidays and will not be available for support until I reach my destination.

Devs will be available during their time zones and I will respond when I can.

From now until Jan 5th, support from myself will be reduced, however, I will reply periodically throughout the day with the exception of the above-mentioned dates.

As usual, to receive the fastest reply send a PM directly to @Support and please keep in mind that Telegram should not be used for support issues.


Enjoy the break mate and hope you enjoy the holidays with friends and family.

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Happy holidays! It’s a well-deserved break, especially after all the extra support around the recent iOS snafu. :wink:

Thank you for all the work you do for the community.

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@Jared - wish you a happy holidays! Take some time to enjoy the break and appreciate all the blessings from this year. Thank you for being awesome, and here’s wishing everyone a happy, safe and peaceful holiday. Looking forward to a great year in 2022 with this community and Incognito! :slight_smile:


how convenient you will be given reduced support when the new app and the new pDex will be rolled out. I think the team’s lack of planning, lack of communication, and mistakes along the road is a big hit on the credibility of this project. I moved out all my funds, liquidity, etc, and I was only using pDex but I think I should move to Bisq.

@Bat_Woman, Apologizes for wanting to spend time with my mother and sister, whom I only see once a year.


Nah, I think it got aimed at you by mistake @Jared. The problem is the core team not aligning with pagan-Christian-western holidays! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, you should. I don’t think this project is for you. It’s under heavy development at the moment. The pDex v2 to v3 transition has been pretty terrible tbh, starting by pulling funds and promising things months ago. It’s basically an early access release going through some quite bad project management, treating it as a development project while presenting it as something else. To be involved here requires a lot of patience. My advice is to come back in a month. If you want.

That said, things are getting done. It’s good progress, but changing the floor while standing on it, is really hard work. I’m still all in on this project.


I think you’ve summed it up well.

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thanks for clarifying things for me. Sorry to have asked for full support while they were rebuilding the complete application and the pDex, I should have moved in the dark with my mouth shut and my savings hanging by a tiny small thread. Of course, this project isn’t for me, or for everyone who values his time or his money.

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No pain, no gain :slight_smile:

The support has been reduced but my full support is with the team :slight_smile: Go Incognito, Go!