Recurring Payments

I would like to see an option to set recurring payments in our app.
The only wallet where I saw it so far is the one from DigiByte(DGB).

I saw Joe_Moffett mention the feature here:

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Getting Cryptocurrency Q&A: Can You Use Cryptocurrencies for Recurring Payments?

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Hey @devil-4-tomorrow recurring payments as in recurring shield/unshields? Or incognito network transactions?

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This one.

Oh in that case, that would be a neat idea!
And i believe it shouldnt be too hard to create. Maybe one of our community builders would like to tackle creating some sort of app/website/portal where one could set-up scheduled recurring payment and than have the user transfer the total amount before said schedule, so the recurring payment triggers. Would be nice to have something like this, would make for a very interesting tool :slight_smile:

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Telegram_CAvlEOCDoK Telegram
With telegram, we have the feature Self-destruction. And the objective is to protect your data.

So, how about a variation of this but to protect your crypto!?

  1. You select an address from someone that you trust, for example, a family member.
  2. You set that address as your backup and set the amount of time to activate the trigger, for example, one year.
  3. Then, let’s say something happens to you, after one year without login into your wallet, it would activate the trigger and send your crypto to the backup address.

I’m not sure if this should have a post to itself, because at this point it’s just a wild idea(or rubbish :sweat_smile:).

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