Recent Node Updates (Docker Hub API v2)

Hello Node Operators! :wave:

Recently Docker migrated to version 2 for Docker Hub API, therefore, the scripts used to run both the pNodes and vNodes need to be updated. Otherwise, your server wont be able to pull latest Incognito docker image and your node will eventually be slashed.

vNode Instructions:

Please do ssh to your server and check your current script version:

[email protected]:~# cat | grep ver:
# ver: 22.09

If your server already running blink script version 22.09 then you all set.

If your server are NOT running blink script version 22.09:

Execute the following commands:

curl -LO && chmod +x
sudo -y 2

More detail here:

pNode Instructions:

Go to More/Power/Your-pNode and press “Update Firmware” button on App.
Latest Firmware version is 2.0.1

Or you can go to web browser on http://pNode-ip-address:5000/ and click “Update Firmware” button

If you’re not seeing pNode IP address or Version on App, please send DM to @support so we can assist you on that.

Please follow the above instructions ASAP. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket by messaging @Support.


Good afternoon, I was trying to update firmware on both of my pnodes but I dnt see the update firmware button

Hello @Joshuatroutman,

Your node is already updated to v2.0.1. There is nothing more for you to do. :blush:

Please see the updated instructions to update any pNode not on v2.0.1.


Thanks @Jared for the clear instructions and thanks @khanhj for letting me know about this article. My vNodes are all updated - Thank You!


Hello. I’m running the latest blink script, but my nodes keep saying no on latest version since today. How often does the blink script updates the dockers? Or do I need to manually update them?

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I’m experiencing the same, latest blink script, but node monitor says not latest version

my pNode is also on 2.0.1, but monitor says that chain version is out of date too.
Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 20.08.38

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 20.09.20

Also, when checking the github page, I actually don’t see that release listed anywhere.

The most recent one shown is
from 2 weeks ago, and I recall seeing that version on my nodes around that time.

Was there another version that was pushed out and then recalled?

65a8235 is the latest tag for the community node. There is a bug in auto update script that get another tag. Luckily, that tag will not affect your node operation.

I’ve just fixed the auto update script.
Please update the fix by running this command:

sudo bash -c “rm -f && curl -LO && chmod +x && ./ -y2”


Thank you I noticed the 22.10 v when I double checked my download.
vnode now showing green.

Is there a manual fix for pNode too?

There will be soon.

@Rocky, all my nodes are showing “Not latest version” but when I try to run this script I get the following:

-f: line 1: "rm: command not found

If you run Rocky’s script and choose option 2, it should fix everything for you.

sudo bash -c “apt install curl -y && curl -LO && chmod +x && ./”

Look under:
How to setup your own node in a blink of an eye (Now support multi-nodes per host)
“How to update the IncognitoUpdater service if I already install an older version of it?”

I ran that script but it pulled an old image 20220921_1 and after 30 minutes all my vnodes are still offline. How do I force update that image?

The new should be on version 22.10.

Look at line 2 in (in /home directory) and make sure it says 22.10.

I have the same issue and its version 22.10. It’s still pulling through 20220921_1.

Also if its a new image we should be pulling through - why didn’t the team make an official post?

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It is not mandatory release. In fact, it changes nothing for the shard validators. Only one line of change for the beacon producers. It only made enabling the new features quicker. Probably the reason is this.…hotfix/increase-trigger-limit#diff-c4cc080e565e84611e2d2f9994587b9a040b2093bfed32f29ba1a3a525df8d4b


Thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:


@Support, any idea on how to get this updated? It’s still showing 20220921_1.