Recent Node Unstaking

Hard to say. Node Pool was launched on April 20th. The next day Constant made the following announcement via email:

  1. As you know, Constant prioritizes a smooth user experience, which is why we typically offer 24 hour withdrawals.
    We’re able to do this because we keep a liquid reserve of PRV that isn’t locked up in nodes. Due to the high volume of withdrawals, this reserve is running low, and our nodes must now be unstaked.

  2. Unstaking is random on the Incognito Chain. It can take anywhere from 4 hours to 2 weeks. 1-2 weeks is a generous estimate that takes this into account.

2 weeks would fall right around May 4th.

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Hi @Mike_Despo,

if you want more information about unstaked nodes, here is a tip:

  • find transactions with type “Return staking” here
    Capture d’écran 2020-05-11 à 20.03.19

  • Select a transaction, and on the transaction page, click on the “Linked transaction” link.
    Capture d’écran 2020-05-11 à 20.04.30

  • You’ll find the date of the initial staking for this node
    Capture d’écran 2020-05-11 à 20.05.24


Oh interesting, thanks! I’m going to do more digging.

Does “Unstaking in Progress” mean that the Node was selected by the user to be unstaked, but is just basically now waiting until after it completes it’s next earning cycle in order to be disconnected from the network?

i.e. If Constant started unstaking their vNodes on April 20th - the # of Nodes Unstaking on this site would show an increase immediately?

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So there seems to be some mysterious reason why a huge spike in Unstaking started happening on May 4th, and increasing every day since then.

My first instinct is to think it’s just a selloff. People wanting to cash out on profits because the price of PRV shot up.
May 4th is the day PRV hit an all time high of $0.70.

@inccry. What’s the difference in the number of nodes between here and then on @raz 's site? I’ve been using this number to track statistics on the number of nodes but wondering if I’ve been making a mistake (Incognito Growth Statistics - Weekly Update 5/16/20)

Screen Shot 2020-05-11 at 2.31.39 PM

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I am monitoring the active nodes and @inccry calculated it from the blockchain. He asked about the difference a few days ago, maybe he got answer since then


No answer atm but I think I should find the missing nodes in this file, that’s the list of default beacon and shard committees, 22 items per shard.



from 1521
from 1337
default beacon and shard committees: 7 for beacon and 22 per shard, 8 shards.



Is it bad to have a bunch of pnodes go to self funded status for the project’s stability?
I planned on self funding once I am all paid off, so far 65% there.
Is it a good idea or negligible?

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I am doing that as of this morning with one of my pnodes I just received. But…that being said, I can not fund it fully myself until I receive my first reward. That means it won’t actually unstake for what, 2 weeks, give or take? So does that situation show on the data now or when the actual unstaking happens post reward?

No, it is not bad, I think it is a good thing. Nodes running more independent.

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That is really hard to say, could be today, tomorrow, but 2 weeks from now is also possible.

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After doing some research it seems returns are higher with Constant than staking with Incognito. I dont think that many of these unstaked nodes can be attributed to that.

@Rick_Shah, despite what Constant’s outdated marketing material might say, the platfrom now pays only 50% on PRV staking. The Incognito pool pays 57%. Quite a few clients left Constant’s pool because of this–enough people that Constant ran out of liquidity and had to unstake nodes. This migration very well could account for a good percentage of those 55 nodes.


@Gold, I was also under that impression. But, constant 50% is APR, while incognitos 57% in APY, which comes out to a little over 45% APR. So, if you have auto-reinvest enabled with a stake higher than 60 PRV you will get higher returns with Constant.


Oh, dang, thank you for the clarification! I do know, despite the truth of what you’re saying, a lot of Constant customers probably misinterpreted, thinking Incognito paid more; what is certain is that they pulled up stakes, enough to drain Constant liquidity. That definitely happened, and there was a migration.

Rick, do you know what the APY with Constant works out to be, if auto-staking every 10 prv earned?


I understand that to be the case, but I would rather go with a first party than a third party, unless the first party was drastically underperforming the third party.

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I completely believe in supporting incognito. And, do choose to do so. But, I also want others to make a decision after they understand all the information. I wouldn’t want people to come back and say they made a decision based on information that wasn’t clear. They should choose to support the project and acquire more PRV. But, should also make a decision on their preferred staking provider after considering the whole picture.


Do we know why 4-6 percent of stakers are unstaking their nodes?

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