Received less than liquidity screen showed

Got my liquidity rewards payment yesterday. The app showed on Sunday night I should be getting 34+ PRV. Come Monday I only received 18.8 PRV. Not sure if I’m looking at something wrong or if I was just paid out less than shown.


Yea same

They took down the liquidity ticker due to it not showing the right numbers with the deployment of liquidity v2, they are working on it.


Hi @Jared. The in-app real-time pDEX reward calculation has been removed in the latest version. If your app still shows the number, you are probably using the old version.

The liquidity program now is in the version 2, which changes the methodology of reward calculation, since June 1. That’s why the numbers showed in the liquidity ticker are not correct and you should update the latest version of Incognito app.


did you use a calculator to calculate how much you were supposed to get? @Jared