Recap of August PRV Holders Call


Thanks for joining the August PRV Holders Call today, or following via our livestream! We discussed the usual results and goals, but also opened up a Q&A session, requested feedback, and got some really awesome ideas from you guys. Thanks for joining us :slight_smile:

For those who couldn’t make it (and for those that didn’t get enough) - here’s the link to watch it:

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What’s next?

You decide! What should we do to make the September PRV Holders Call more informative, enjoyable and productive?

Let us know what you think in the comments below. We’re all ears!


4 AM turned out to be too late to stay awake and too early to wake up. Somehow I managed to turn off the alarm in my sleep without waking up :frowning:

Thanks for the recap.

Moving the next one two hours (6 AM my time) would be appreciated.


Great discussion! I like that the focus of the team is privacy which is exactly why I’m drawn to the incognito network. Please don’t lose that focus, you all are doing great work and taking crypto in the direction it was initially to go.


Hey @kichoman yep, crypto was created to give people freedom of money transfers, full control of owned funds and privacy.
Unfortunately during the last years those freedoms slowly taking back from (by full scale traceability, verification, freezing wallets and funds, deanonymizes, etc)

Incognito gives all those rights back to you:

  • Digital gold should be stored, transferred and swapped without informing all people in the internet

  • As there is no way that someone trace and freeze your physical cash - there shouldn’t be a way to trace and freeze your digital cash (aka stable coins) so even if you use DAI or USDC on incognito, there is no way to trace your wallet balance.

  • When securities, real estate, other assets will be tokenized, privacy and ownership questions will be sharp as never before. And the Incognito network will be the Privacy island, no matter if you use ethereum, tezos or polkadot networks.


Hey @Jamie, thanks for your suggestion. Let us consider over it to see if we can do another time experiment for the next call. :wink:

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It was announced on the call that there will be network fees charged for unshielding. I was too ignorant to realize these fees were being paid for by incognito. Will the users have control over setting the network fees? I think that’s extremely important. If you mandate high network fees, the wallet becomes exponentially less useful.