RECAP - November 1st Annual PRV Holders Call

Hey folks,

Thank you so much for celebrating the Incognito’s 1st birthday together by joining us on the Annual PRV Holders Call! It was a great time!

Time flies so fast. . . Incognito has turned 1. During the call, we spoke about our huge achievements in the 1st year of the project, while also highlighting directions for the 2nd year. A call is only good if dialogue goes both ways, so we were really happy to hear many of your thoughts and questions.

If you weren’t able to join us live, or if you’d like to rewatch what was discussed, have a look here:

Key highlights of the call

  1. Keynote presentation [1:38]
  2. The Internet’s first Privacy Quest [24:36]
  3. Kahoot play! [33:59]
  4. Q&A session [44:26]

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Congrats @sid @Josh_Hamon and @Ssmccul for becoming the winners of Kahoot game! You guys were amazing players! :tada: :sunglasses:

As promised, Incognito's 2021 privacy roadmap for the world has been published for the whole community. Incognito is so much bigger than the core team – this roadmap is just the vision of a few devs. So if you can advance the privacy movement, do it!

What’s next

You decide! If you have any other ideas on what more we can do or discuss in December’s call, what to make our time more interesting, leave a comment in this thread, or reach out to me anytime via my DMs.

Happy birthday to Incognito! :birthday: :black_circle:

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