Reading is fundamental, and other guidelines

We have a few systems in place here to reward quality conversation, celebrate significant contribution, and thank those who help make this place better – such as the the badges program and trust level system.

On the flip side, these rewards have the potential to make incognito more vulnerable to spam, duplicate accounts, fraud, and other misbehaviors. While we try to install automatic checks and balances where possible, these initiatives are not completely watertight.

So I’m calling on all you good cops out there – please help us flag suspicious posts and accounts, vocally discourage spam, and let’s set a good example for all newcomers.

What constitutes ‘misbehavior’ then? The usual, really.

Please do not:

  • Create duplicate accounts for whatever reason

  • Refer people to the platform simply to earn rewards

  • Abuse the Like button just to earn rewards

  • Abuse anything, generally.

Please note that if your account has been flagged multiple times, suspended or silenced (either by a moderator or community member), the system records a penalty, which may affect your trust level and rewards payout.

Please do:

  • Write thoughtful topics and posts.

  • Use the Like button where appropriate. Please note that all posts show up on the Latest feed for everyone. Not all replies need to be posts.

  • Use the search bar first. Chances are, your question has been answered. If not, any one of us will be happy to help out.

  • Write descriptive titles for topics, so people using the search bar can benefit from your experience and knowledge.

  • Consciously choose a suitable category for your topic. So a moderator or community member doesn’t have to wade through uncategorized purgatory to help give you visibility.

  • Invite people who care about privacy. That’s the only and most important requirement to be here.

Having said all that – I want to reiterate that honestly, this community is amazing. You guys are amazing. Bad actors are a tiny, tiny fraction.

As the first people at this party, let’s start a good one.