Raffle for Incognito swag

Alright Incognito Army! I need some feed back regarding my first coin design for incognito. It will be a pretty costly endeavor and I would like to offset that by possibly holding a raffle for pre-sale orders as a way to give away some cool Incognito swag, cover production costs, and yes… even some up coming new Node Trees!

I am thinking of a 2,000 raffle ticket limit with a @$10.00 PRV cost.

The pre sale ticket purchase will include the following with in 6 weeks of raffle drawing:
Copper or Colorized nickle Silver commemorative coin (not sure which one I am going to produce yet)
Display stand for coin
Protective coin capsule
5 entries in raffle for a chance to win one of the follow prizes!

1 of 10 Node Trees
100 PRV
Incognito T shirts
and more sway!

  • Swag would be from @Joe_Moffett
    and custom made for winners!

just a though and felt it could be both fun, and a way for me to cover coin cost and thank the community with the giveaways in the process!


Do you have any proof you can deliver on what you’re mentioning in this post? $20K is a lot.

Do you have any prior experience minting coinage?

Very good question. I would not be minting these coins myself. Fully intended to use a company that specializes in custom coins. This was just one of many thoughts I had for this and was sharing with the community.

How did you come up with the $20,000 usd cost of doing this?

How many coins are available to raffle off?

Plan was for 2k each coin with production costs being about 5.00 per coin (would also include display stand and coin capsule) so about 10k total for the coin. The rest was to make the raffle fun buy giving away swag and some up coming nodes.

Okay my fellow Incognitoians! Here a 3 versions of an Incognito Commemorative Coin.

Copper version

Nickle Silver

Colorized Nickle Silver

For now, I would just like to know which coin design they like best.

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@chucky I did not see you resized it (THANK YOU BTW) I had no idea the pics would be so damn big. So I deleted it to redo…now I do not see the changes you made. Think I screwed something up?

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No problem looks alot better now. Yeah the image size is quite large, so i dropped it to 50% of the actual image size but seems you re-uploaded them, that also works.

@everyone here is a poll to vote on the Incognito Coin design/option

  • Copper Incognito Coin
  • Nickle Silver
  • Colorized Nickle Silver

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Thank you!


Thank you I appreciate that! That would be a nice gift with a node purchase. I as a community member am working on producing the coin for incognito. I do have a plan to use the coins to help the Node Lottery that is being held as long as a big enough group is interested. Example. Coin cost is 35 PRV 10-12 PRV would pay for a lottery buy in. You can find more info on the Lottery here Node Lottery