Quick explanation of the ETH/XMR LP usecases.

Hi guys i wanted to explain to yours why the ETH(unified)/XMR LP is something you can easily share to people for letting them discover incognito:

You’re a Web3 trader and as you know, it’s very difficult to trade in anonymity:
By using IncognitoChain, you can withdraw/deposit in XMR from your favorite CEX (Binance/Kucoin) to IncognitoChain.
After your coin is shielded, swap it to ETH (unified) and then you have the possibility to use pApps (curve cake and uniswap) in anonymity and privacy.

It would also be possible to do the reverse way:
You haves some LINK but you want to stay anonymous or inecrase your XMR holding, you swap LINK for ETH in pApps and then swap for XMR.


Oh wow, that pitch is great, the team would really appreciate your (and others’) help in spreading such a message to privacy-minded people :pray:


Im already loudly shilling this because it’s useful so if other people can do the same, we been have a “network-wide” affect with anonymity. Thats why i try to make a lot of XMR/Token LPs, this is a coin can be a very very huge ramp for anonymous liquidity and the incognito interoperability UX just looks completely made for !