Questions about the Memo feature when sending a Tx

Hello, here are a few questions I had about the “Memo” feature when sending transactions:

  1. Is there a character limit on the amount of text I can send in the Memo field?

  2. Is the memo field limited to single-byte character sets?

  3. Are there any special characters that should be avoided in Memo field as they may cause issues?

  4. Is the Memo field contents encrypted, meaning only the recipient and sender will be able to read the Memo within the Incognito App?
    Or, in other words, the text in Memos are not visible anywhere else or by anyone else.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can answer my questions.

1.Afaik, 255
2-3.Afaik, utf-16
4.Not encrypted unless Privacy V2 has changed something.

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