Question regarding withdraw of funds without app or website

If the governments block access to the apps and website of incognito, how would I get my Monero from it? Would that even be possible?

A government can block access to but you can always run a validator full-node yourself and point the app to that, pDEX and transfers will keep working as expected.

The incognito blockchain has validators globally, run by people outside the incognito org, so even if incognito goes bust it can continue running. The only problem is the centrally run bridges, but the team is working hard to decentralize these as well, like the ETH and binance chain ones.


Would there still be a possibility of being able to unshield crypto if the website is down or Incognito goes bust? If you’re just running a full node pointed at the pDex?

There is a non-zero chance yea. Maybe @duc can shine more light on the state of decentralized bridges?

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Thank you very much for responding with your knowledge. Do you think it would be possible to move coins out of “Provide” without the web interface?

Hi @slabb,

Right now, the Incognito app is the only way for you to exit funds from the Incognito network. We’ll consider to add more ways for users to exit their funds in the future.

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