Question about unlocking of PRV held in 6/12mth lock-up terms with up to 40.00% APR

I have several PRV parcels locked up in the Provide Staking Service earning up to 40.00% APR :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

What happens once the “Term End date” is reached?

Will I need to manually click a button to unlock the funds and receive the interest payment or will the funds be automatically deposited in to my PRV wallet with no user intervention needed?

If automatic unlock and deposit occurs, it would be nice to provide this information in the form of a Help :information_source: icon in the app. Thanks.

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Hi @Linnovations, both principal and rewards would be automatically moved to non-locked provision option once a term ends. And they will continue earning 21% interest without user intervention needed.
Well noted your suggestion, will add a help :information_source: into the app, thank you!