Question about Unified DAI

I thought I read that pCurve (etc) would be all unified tokens… but it appears they are all still on Polygon.

SO, how do I trade Unified USDT into Unified DAI? the Incognito pools dont have enough volume…

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It sounds like you’re being careful, but just in case - make sure you’re selecting the unified versions of both coins during your swap (at first I thought I was, then found I accidently selected the ETH version for one side).

It looks like the direct DAI (unified) - USDT (unified) pool currently has about $23k in each side of the pool (and if I understand correctly liquidity for either side can also come out of other pools and provide so there should be much more than that available for your swap).

(I know nothing - just trying to help before you get an official answer)


@yoo Thanks for helping the team answer this question, that means a lot to us!!!

Hey @HiddenBear, have you tried the Swap tab for swapping Unified USDT to Unified DAI?
Currently, there are 2 liquidity sources for the swap: Incognito exchange’s pools and pPancakeSwap. Depending on swap size, the app would calculate rates and then select the best option for your swap.
By supporting unified privacy tokens, we expected that users don’t need to go to a specific pApp (eg. pCurve, pUniswap, …) for every swap and the complicated things behind the scene should be abstracted from users.

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